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Selenium IDE disabled? How to Download & Install Selenium IDE for Firefox 55+

As per new instructions, Firefox didn’t support unsigned addon anymore. But in Firefox 43, we have still have option to use unverified addons.

1)Type about:config in address bar of Firefox.

2)Accept the risk

3)Search for xpinstall.signatures.required.

4)Set it’s value to false by double clicking on it.

5) Restart browser.

In Firefox 55+:

You will not be able to add the Selenium IDE add-on directly in Firefox 55+, Hence follow these steps. 1) Google it as “Selenium ide add on for Firefox” 2) Click on First link

3) You can see add-on option but it will be disabled 4) Next to the download option, You can find the link “Download Anyway” 5) Click on that link 6) Once the file is downloaded. 7) Open the file with Firefox browser 8) Selenium-ide add-on will be added but it will not be enabled 9) Go to settings and enable the particular add-on..

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