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AppiumMT Certified Testing

01. Course Overview

Get enrolled for the most demanding skill in the world. Appium Training in Jalandhar will make your career a new height. We at 9To5 technologies provide you with an excellent platform to learn and explore the subject from industry experts. We help students to dream high and achieve it.

02. What is Appium?

Appium is an open source test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web applications. It is the best tool for testing mobile applications on iOS, windows and Android platforms. Appium allows you to write test codes against multiple platforms in any programming language in order to automate it. Appium enables users to use any test runner and test framework and can be mixed into any code. Its concepts include appium client and appium server which helps in writing the test code in any language that has the http client API. Server is written in node.js and the appium clients are in Java, Ruby, Python and PHP that support appium Extensions to the WebDriver protocol. The best part of appium is that you can reuse the code between IOS and Android platforms as they have the same API between them.

03. Appium MT Training in Punjab

Apps are currently ruling the world and learning a course on testing these apps can be a great add-on to your portfolio. Appium is one of the most popular automation testing tools for mobile and web applications. It is not language specific and helps you to work with any scripts and code language. Since it offers application testing for Android and iOS, studying this course can help you understand how appium works and its basic components. Appium certificate from a reputed training center can help you secure a high-paying job in IT companies and mobile app development companies.

04. Key Features of Appium Mobile Testing
  • Appium is a completely free and open-source framework which makes it very desirable and extensively used around the world.

  • It is specifically designed and focus on the development and testing of mobile applications, unlike any other framework.

  • It is an Automation Testing tool that helps the user to perform testing on mobile applications without learning any developing skills.

  • The framework can test native, hybrid and mobile web applications that can easily be tested on a mobile device or simulator.

  • It supports several programming languages such as Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

  • Developing test scripts using Appium libraries is quite easy. It helps in developing or testing mobile applications for Android and iOS.

  • Appium also supports various Internet browsers suggest Safari, Chrome and inbuilt Browser for Android.

05. Course Content
  • Section 1

  • Appium Introduction

  • Section  2

  • Appium Installation on WINDOWS for Android Automation

  • Section 3

  • Appium installation on MAC for IOS Automation

  • Section 4

  • APPIUM first program

  • Section 5

  • Native APPS Automation

  • Section 6

  • Advanced Gestures Automation with Key Events Handling

  • Section 7

  • Live Examples on Device APPS

  • Section 8

  • Web APPS Automation

  • Section 9

  • Practical Problems and solutions with Mobile Browsers

  • Section 10

  • Hybrid APPS Automation

  • Section 11

  • IOS Automation with Appium on MAC

  • Section 12

  • Mobile Cloud Testing with Appium

  • Section 13

  • IOS Real device Automation Testing

  • Section 14

  • Appium Framework- Part 1- Learn TestNG Basics

  • Section 15

  • Framework Part 2 -Maven (Build Management tool)

  • Section 16

  • Framework Part3-Integrating TestNG with Maven

  • Section 17

  • Framework Part 4-Scheduling in Jenkins CI Tool

  • Section 18

  • Page object Pattern & page Factory

  • Section 19

  • Data driving from Excel for feeding data into Appium Testcases

  • Section 20

  • Logging Framework - log4j

  • Section 21

  • DataBase connection to Selenium/Appium Testcases

  • Section 22

  • Interview Questions & Resume Preparation

  • Section 23

  • Cucumber Behaviour Driven Data -Framework

  • Section 24

  • Java OOPS basics for Appium/Selenium

  • Section 25

  • Selenium Basics (optional)

  • Section 26

  • Bonus Lectures - Defect tracking tool

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