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Microsoft TM Certified Training

01. Microsoft TM Course Overview

This hands-on course covers using all of the features of Microsoft Test Manager and the Test Essentials edition of Visual Studio 201X and Team Foundation Server 201X. You will create test plans, test suites, test cases, and test steps. You will parameterize and execute test cases and explore test results and test results reporting.

Powerful features of Microsoft Test Manager such as Fast Forward for Manual Testing, rich defect reporting, diagnostic data adapters, and exploratory testing capabilities are covered in depth.

02. What is Microsoft TM?

MTM is a tool introduced along with Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010.  It is used to create and organize test plans and test cases, and execute manual tests.  MTM is built specifically for testers to be able to interact with other members of the team. 

Most QA shops were left to either use a combination of applications such as Excel, Word, Notepad, etc or a lot of times the QA team would use specialized testing tools such as the HP test suite.
MTM gave Microsoft all the essential pieces to go from a development solution to a full ALM solution.  This was the final piece needed to get the entire team communicating through TFS rather than using 3rd parties or synchronizers. 

03. Microsoft TM Training in Punjab

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04. Features of Microsoft TM

1. This allows running suites of automated tests and measures the progress using Microsoft Test Manager.

2. This allows running build deploy test workflow that automatically builds and deploys the application build files onto the relevant machines in a lab environment. 

3. Also, testers allow collecting diagnostic data by using IntelliTrace debugging tool from all test machines when performing manual tests, automated tests or load tests. 

4. Multiple testers can access and concurrently test in the same test suite, executing test cases on various environments and platforms. 

5. Testers allow performing automated tests by scheduling a test workflow to run at specific time periods.

05. Microsoft TM Course Objectives
  • Explain the testing capabilities of the Visual Studio ALM product suite

  • Create and manage test plans and test suites

  • Manage test configurations and assign non-default configurations to test cases

  • Create high quality, maintainable test cases

  • Execute tests using the Microsoft Test Runner

  • Use Test Case Fast Forward to help speed up the testing process

  • Create actionable, high-quality bug reports

  • Verify resolved bugs and manage the bug lifecycle

  • Conduct exploratory testing using Microsoft Test Manager

  • Use the web-based Test Case Management interface to create and execute tests

  • Manage test plans over multiple iterations and releases

  • Report on test results and testing progress

  • Understand the benefit of Lab Management and how it helps testers

  • Gain an overview of how to create automated coded UI tests

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