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Microsoft has introduced, modern.IE, a new way to test Websites for compatibility with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, safari or Mac and different operating systems. Modern.IE is a free set of tools and resources designed to make it easier for developers/Testers to ensure their sites work beautifully across Internet Explorer as well as other modern browsers, this tool have partnership with BrowserStack, a leading browser testing service that lets developers/Testers test their site on any browser on any Windows OS. For any Web developer that visits BrowserStack via modern.IE, they are offering three months of this service for free. Modern.IE features a wizard that scans for common coding practices that might prevent users from having their best experience on a site. Developers start by entering a Web page URL that they want to test and modern.IE returns a report on the compatibility issues.

It has five sections as following screenshot:

  1. Virtual Machines

  2. Site scan

  3. Browser Stack

  4. Compatibility Report

  5. Browser Screenshots 

Virtual machines

You’ve possibly seen emulators that run old operating systems such as Amiga OS, games consoles, or arcade machines on Windows, Mac, or Linux. In essence, these are Virtual Machines (VMs) that make the original OS and software think it’s running on real hardware. In reality, it’s all happening within the host PC’s memory.

We’re not limited to old OSs — we can emulate a real PC and run any platform we desire. For example, we can run Windows XP in a VM application on Windows 8.1 so we can retain older, incompatible software. Because it’s handled as a data file, we can start, stop move or restore XP anytime we choose. Virtual Machines therefore provide a mechanism to run any edition of Internet Explorer from a Windows, Mac or Linux host. There’s little excuse — you probably have the software already and Microsoft provide a range of free Windows/IE VMs at

Site Scan

Today it can take a lot of time to make your web experiences look great (or just work) across various browsers and devices. This tool detects common coding practices that may cause compatibility problems or prevent your users from getting the best possible experience on a webpage. Whenever possible we suggest a fix or enhancement with web standards like HTML5 & CSS3 (or a graceful fall-back). It’s not a complete checklist for coding the modern web – just a starting point so you can spend less time testing for IE and more time building what matters on the web.


BrowserStack provides live, web-based browser testing with instant access to every desktop and mobile browser (currently more than 300), with the ability to test local and internal servers, providing a secure setup. The cloud-based access means no installation is required, and the pre-installed developer tools (including Firebug Lite, Microsoft Script Debugger and many more) are useful for quick cross-browser testing and debugging.

The official iOS, Android and Opera mobile and tablet emulators help you test across a huge range of devices. Using the BrowserStack infrastructure, you can quickly setup a comprehensive testing environment with support for firewalls, proxies and Active Directory.

Note: Three month subscription free with

Compatibility report

Compact Inspector is a JavaScript-based testing tool that analyses your site while it runs. Compact Inspector watches for patterns of interaction known to cause issues and reports them automatically. This allows you to identify problems quickly without first memorising a bunch of documentation. We use Sauce Labs automation to place the Compact Inspector JS file to the top of your page and report back to you. Sauce Labs will:

  1. Spin up your own, private virtual machine in our cloud.

  2. Open up a fresh IE browser for you: no cookies or legacy data will impact the scan.

  3. Run Compact Inspector on this webpage and return the results.

After your test session, this virtual machine instance will be deleted so no one else has access to it in the future. To continue browsing, sign up for a free account at for instant access to 100+ browser/device/OS platforms.

BrowserStack screenshot automation

You’ve spent a lot of time building your site. Now make sure it looks great on other browsers and devices. With BrowserStack screenshot automation, you’ll get instant visual feedback. Here at modern.IE we’ll show you screenshots of your site across nine common browsers and devices. You can even download the images. For an even wider selection, visit


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